How To Have Bigger Arms Fast: 4 tips

Updated: Nov 8

Having healthy and big arms is the goal of most who go to the gym, but building muscles in these extremities is not an easy task, and you have surely noticed. If you want to have bigger, more muscular arms, you can start some science-backed strategies to speed up the rise of your biceps and triceps. Let's learn how to build bigger and more powerful arms quickly with these four tips:

Let's See How You Can Build Bigger Arms:

  1. Add one additional set per week to your arm exercises and add other workouts.

  2. Gradually increase to 20 or more weekly sets of biceps and triceps, based on how often you train your arms.

  3. Reduce to initial volume when there is no further progress. It will help mitigate fatigue and sensitize muscle for more noticeable growth when you repeat procedure number 2.

  4. Perform and repeat the entire process described above, and you will see that you will gain a faster growth of arms.

Tip 1: Raise A Proper Volume

The first thing will be to make sure you are raising the right volume because it's known that there is a positive relationship between muscle growth and weekly size. If you have not seen the expected results in terms of the growth of your arms, you should increase the number of weekly sets that you dedicate to your biceps and triceps workouts, because that is probably the solution. A 2019 research on trained men compared the results of doing 6, 18, or 30 weekly sets for triceps and biceps. The researchers found after two months of evaluation that there was a significant dose-response effect observed for biceps growth and the total number of weekly sessions, with a similar trend also noted for the triceps.

It means that a higher volume led to faster growth of the arms, but it does not mean that the size must increase to do more sets every week; What it does mean is that gradually increasing weekly volume can accelerate growth.

Tip 2: Move your arm exercises to the beginning of your workout

Surely you want to start with compound exercises, but if your goal is to gain bigger arms, you should start your training with arm exercises. Scientific studies have come across a trend in which lifters make better profits for exercises performed at the beginning of a session. Another study compared the effects of 2 workouts. One, performing compound exercises before arm isolation and the second doing arm isolation first before compound exercises.

The researchers found after three months of training and observation significantly higher triceps growth when the arm isolation exercises first performed. The researchers concluded after the same finding in another study, that if an exercise is essential to individual training goals, a small or large muscle group exercise should be performed at the beginning of each training session. It means, in other words, that moving the arm exercises at the beginning of the workout will help prioritize and accelerate the growth of your arms.

Tip 3: Focus on progressing your arm exercises

In addition to altering the order of your arm isolation exercises, you should also focus on making them progress as you would with compound exercises; this is a determining factor to build bigger arms. Something likely because they have less of a component of skill than compound movements. Weekly you should focus on two main tasks:

1. Gradually increase the number of repetitions per series.

2. Slowly increase the weight you can lift with arm isolation exercises.

Tip 4: Don't change exercises frequently

None of the tips above will do much good if you're continually evolving your isolation exercises. That "surprising" the muscle by subjecting it to new exercises and stimuli every week, is not only not the right approach, but it also is not very valid either. The key to having bigger arms and not waiting too long is not to change the types of stimuli weekly, but to try to increase week after week even a little. Choose the right arm isolation exercises first. Then stick to these focused on strengthening your biceps and triceps, as I already explained If you correctly put into practice the four tips in this article, I guarantee that you will begin to notice remarkable changes in the growth of your arms quickly.