How To Control Food Cravings

Updated: Jan 2

In this century everyone is trying effortlessly to look their best. They put their selves on dieting and work out but sometimes they do get intense cravings which urge them to eat foods which are high in sugar and carbohydrates.

You usually get cravings for foods containing sugar. If you do not control your cravings they might become your habit. So the sooner the better you have to learn how to control your cravings.


Our body can misinterpret food craving signals from brain to be thirst signals. Taking in water rather than food can help you curb cravings and drinking more water helps you lose weight faster than normal. Drinking plenty of water when you get cravings also causes a reduction in your appetite helping you to achieving your target weight.

So the next time cravings hit you drink about 2 cups of water and your cravings will be gone for good.


Cravings for foods containing sugar can be due to stress. The best thing to do in these types of situations is to find simple ways to reduce your stress. You can reduce your stress by either taking a relaxing nap or doing breathing exercises and yoga.


Eating more protein during dieting can make your body satisfied resulting in reduced or no cravings at all. If you are craving than eating more protein can trick your body and it will not require any more food for some time.


A gum might not be a healthy alternative to high calorie snacks but chewing up on a sugar free gum can reduce your cravings of sugary food as it tricks your mind that your body is chewing up on something.


Our brain reorganizes colors very well and it also takes it as signals. On seeing red color our brain makes us crave that is why many food companies use red color bin their logos and restaurants while on the other hand seeing light blue color makes our brain conscious, helps us control our cravings and hunger.


Exercising not only helps you lose weight and maintain good health but it also helps you beat hunger and control your cravings. Whenever cravings hit you just take a walk or use stairs you will much better.


If you get intense cravings and they do not stop than you should try to make a plan for your meals every weak which should include a cheat meal. This will give you something to hold on to when you get cravings.


Hunger is the basic reason behind craving. Always keep snacks that suit your diet close to hand so that you will not get super hungry.


Always take proper meals which provide the complete amount of nutrients that is required by your body this is because lack of nutrients can also cause cravings but when you provide your body with right amount of nutritious food it will no longer be hungry.


If you do not get enough sleep than this may disturb the fluctuation of hormones which will lead to poor appetite and increased hunger.

If cravings are a big problem for you than these tips might help you.