How to Push Past Your Peak Performance

Updated: Nov 8

Having a general awareness of how to push you to peak performance is essential for your mind and body. If you deliberately incorporate these simple elements in your daily performances and training, you will be on the right way of getting a mentally and physically tough approach that can lead you to the way of success.

Here are some principles of reaching peak performance:

Rest: Why we should sleep more

Do you stay awake late at night just because it is the only time of your day that you have time for yourself?

If it happens to you, then you are in the right place.

No doubt that adulthood is filled up with responsibilities, chores… traffic. You find the opportunity of watching Game of Thrones, time on social media, book reading, and time with your family just at night.

Do you know that your body is continuously chasing the debt?

It can lead you to:

· Poor short and long term memory

· Depression

· Negative impacts on relationships

· Weakening of immunity

· Poor metabolism

· Loss of strengths of lean muscle mass

Here are some benefits of night sleep

· Good memory

· Increase the ability to solve problems

· Enhance creativity

· Positive impacts on the relationship

· A significant level of energy

· Strong muscles

Therefore, night sleep pushes your performance to the next peak level.

Test your true strength

Some benefits of knowing your strength:

· Give you a true estimation of your peak performance

· Helps you to differentiate your strength from others

Here are some preferred ways of doing it:

· Select the type of exercise you are comfortable with

· Start with lifting low weights

· Increase your weights per set

· Take rest between each for minimum 3 minutes


A healthy sleep at night is the main ingredient of exceeding peak performance. By improving functional health you can reach peak performance. In order to remain physically fit, learn, and improve your mistakes, challenge yourself, lift your self-esteem, and make fun to keep your self-focused and motivated. Then watch how quickly your performance will improve.