Angie's Journey Back To Health!

Angie's Journey Back To Health!

Angie's Journey Back To Health:

Angie was a ballet dancer and athlete. When she was 19 when her knee swelled up resulting in 6 knee operations. Her rheumatology clinic results came back negative...

Angie decides to look at natural ways for her body to return back to health.

-Lifestyle changes

Her journey back to health started with swimming allowing her body to move freely again then slowly Introducing cycling. Her body was now remembering, awakening, pain-free, and returning to what it used to be like.

-Diet and Mind.

Other aspects included juicing and alkalizing the body and adding in 10 portions of vegetables per day with less meat. Meditation and relaxation were also added. Her body was remembering what it's like to be pain-free and did return back to health on its own.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: As a member of several professional bodies, Angela is committed to following a strict code of conduct, ethics, and pursuing continuous professional development and training. BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists) A.M.H. (Association of Master Herbalists) U.R.H.P. (United Register of Herbal Practitioners) A.N.P. (Association of Naturopathic Nutrition Practitioners) C.N.H.C. (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

🎥Angie's Journey Back To Health!